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We are all thought driven. We make choices based on our thoughts. And nowadays, these choices are often communicated over chat, be it with our friends, family or colleagues. The whole idea of taking this social structure to the business space is what makes Good Box unique.

Good Box is a trusted marketplace messenger, that enables people to discover and buy directly from 100+ trusted businesses. In the world of ecommerce, this technology helps people to make buying and selling faster, safer and easier.


Looking at the countless clutters in the market, Good Box has to be positioned as an important tool for increasing online presence of all hyperlocal nearby shops at one platform and connect to their customers at ease. Catering to this need, our challenge was to capture the essence and to create unique & effective brand positioning in a simplified way.

Good Box Branding Logo Vatitude

Our Approach

We developed a few initial, exploratory ideas for the visual identity, which we iteratively narrowed down and developed into a custom typeface “g & b” inspired by Talk Bubble in mind. Various sketches have been done to ensure that the logo reflects the right style, simple, minimal and flexible for further interpretations. our inclination was to pair it with simple typography. However, during explorations, we chanced upon several typefaces which fit perfectly with the bold symbol. We ended up with a significant typeface ‘Gotham Rounded Bold’, which has the flexibility of being used in multiple orientations.

The solid logo lends permanence and credibility to the brand, much-needed attributes for someone promising to help simplify eCommerce experiences.

Brand Positioning

Good Box Brand Tagline Vatitude

We believe in creating stories that fire imaginations, which in turn stimulates the emotions that build a lasting impression.

The essence of ‘Good Box’ lies in enabling people find what they love by making the entire process as simple as placing the order over chat. This in turn creates happiness in the mind and heart of the customer – thereby we coined the phrase, ‘Dhundlo Apni Khushi’ (Find your Happiness).

‘Dhundlo Apni Khushi’ helps in creating inspiring set of communications to re-establish the brand with a sense of closeness with the people through simple and down-to-earth communication. All of which will create the desired effect and the strong emotional connection with the brand.

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