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With an extensive research of almost 18 years, Dr. Srinivas Amarnath had built the alcohol brand “Biotech Spirits” keeping the objective of having such liquors available to the public which do not cause any harm to the health and also gives the same intoxication levels that are achieved on consuming alcohol. The specialty of the products is that these are bio blends enriched with bio alkaloids without using synthetic flavors and colors. The products range from Whiskey, Wine, Tequila, Brandy, Rum, Vodka, and Beer.


Due to its health benefits and existing leaf logo, Bio Tech Spirits was misperceived as a medicinal brand and no one is looking at it as a liquor brand. We have decided to reposition the brand with a new name, identity and refreshed look for their existing range of products. This will give the brand a prominent position in the liquor industry and will make it one of the most trusted names in the global market.

Our Approach

Designing for alcoholic beverages is probably one of the most challenging tasks in the field as the market is overcrowded, ever-expanding and highly competitive. To match the depth of expertise, knowledge and extensive experience in the liquor business. We’ve recognized that the layers of character, history, and intensity need to be deepened to give its brand identity the same significance as its mastery and imparts dignified appearance to its audience.

BIOZE Brand Name Vatitude

Brand Naming

To amplify the brand’s resonance with the liquor world, we have fused its two core essence BIO and BOOZE and coined the unique brand name ‘BIOZE’. This name perfectly reflects what the brand stands for and has a high recall value. 

The Logo

BIOZE is born from the silence, dark and calm infusion of rare herbs and bio alkaloids. To honor this precious brand, we handcrafted a unique ‘B’ type with a leaf shape at its bottom half. The leaf is positioned at an angle from the sky towards the earth depicting a protective layer around the earth reflecting natural goodness.

To give a royal image to the brand and make it look more appealing and distinct, we have created a heraldic design that symbolizes its power, passion and pride. To convey an aura of an Indian brand, we made the sketch of vintage baroque leaf scrolls with tiger & lion holding and representing the brand on the international stage.

Brand Positioning

There is a quest of doing something, something which is not done by anyone before; something which makes you different from others, something which keeps you going even if there are hurdles all around; for that something you just can’t stop. Keep up the spirit.

BIOZE Branding Tagline Keep up the spirit animation Vatitude

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